Letter: DSS slandering me

Mar. 09, 2014 @ 04:50 AM

To the editor:

I don’t have a criminal record and have never been arrested for drugs. I have a lot of respect for our law enforcement men and women, and have always paid my taxes. So where do the Department of Social Services workers have the right to say I’m not a good person based on hearsay, not facts? If you can’t even see, visit or talk on the phone to your own children or grandchildren, has DSS given you a bad name?

I’ve been to churches before and heard what some preachers have done in their past. Well, have you, DSS worker, slandered them too or held the past over their heads?

I’ve always tried to be a godly woman and never used curse words, even when I was young. I know there are a lot of parents and grandparents out there wondering like I do what DSS is telling these children is the reason why they can’t see or talk to their parents or grandparents. To my grandchildren I’m the best grandmaw in the world. So has DSS tarnished me, and any more parents and grandparents in the eyes of children? I would like to know what they tell these innocent children.

DSS is slandering me now. I will say this to foster care parents, you’ve been told by DSS workers that some of these parents, grandparents are not good enough to raise or see their own children or grandchildren based on hearsay. DSS, get your facts, not hearsay, before you slander me or anyone else. I know that grandparents don’t have rights, but don’t these children have a right to have grandparents?

Step up, North Carolina, and your counties. So, parents and grandparents, you do have a right not to be slandered.

Doris May

Granite Falls