Letter: Nothing 'equal' about it

Mar. 10, 2014 @ 02:45 PM

To the editor:

It’s fixing to equal out. I need the readers or someone to help me understand how this is equaling out. Almost 17 years ago my son became a father. He wasn’t married to the mother. The baby was delivered early because of the mother’s non-medical problem, which my son did not know about at the time of delivery. After the baby was delivered, my son paid DSS to do a DNA test. The results showed my son was the father. My son gladly started paying child support. He said he wanted to take care of his son and be a part of his life. My grandson’s mom was breastfeeding him. My grandson was having problems. He was sleeping longer than normal, and when he did wake up he would cry for hours non-stop until he cried himself back to sleep. One Sunday morning my son brought him to my house. He said, “Mom, I can’t get him to wake up. Something is wrong.” We left my house and went to three different hospitals before someone would see my grandson. When the doctor checked him he said, “He is a drug baby.” The hospital told my son to file for emergency custody. My son was awarded custody of my grandson, then 3 months old. The court told my grandson’s mom to get a job and to help support my grandson. This didn’t happen. My son — at two different times — gave DSS money to get child support papers served on my grandson’s mom. The papers were never served. DSS said they lost the papers — both times. So my son raised my grandson for 1612 years with no support from his mom. She was receiving aid from DSS. But last summer when her aide from DSS would stop if there wasn’t a child living in the house, she talked my grandson into running away to stay with her so she could continue receiving aid from DSS. So she has been a mom for about six months now. She took child support papers out on my son. My son goes to DSS with his custody papers and the paper where the mom was to get a job and help support her son. Well, DSS told my son, it is fixing to equal out. He asked them how’s that? DSS said, “You are going to pay child support and back child support.” So he is. Now will someone tell me how this equals out? My son raised my grandson for 1612 years with no help whatsoever from his mom. Now my grandson has been at his mom’s for about six months and my son is paying her child support and back child support. She doesn’t work, hasn’t been working and she isn’t looking for work. She doesn ‘t want to work. She is getting her aid from DSS and now she is getting child support too. Does that sound equal? You talk about a deadbeat parent! Only thing I see equaling out is in favor of the parent who hasn’t done anything for 1612 years.

Amanda Greene