Letter: America's spirit is dimming

Mar. 10, 2014 @ 02:46 PM

To the editor:

America’s spirit is clearly dimming. Barack Obama seems never to have had it.

Few things in America’s history could be more important. A great nation moving away from solid principles and electing a president not caring for such principles — preferring, incredibly, those actually foreign to America. Power by a few, manipulating “the people.”

Spirit and power have strong meanings. Spirit is usually uplifting, about life’s higher callings. Power, a baser motive, is normally self- serving — pressing down. Hurting. Nations can excel under spirit — but drift or fall under power — as pressing bears down. Where in the drift (or decline) is America? And why?

Nation-talk is one thing. What about a nation’s citizens — individually? Is there freedom to live fully: earning, providing, caring, expressing, giving; defending?

Most citizens expect a government under which they can achieve well-being for themselves and others. But society has to elect wise leaders who should then provide society’s basic structure — but keep hands off otherwise.

It’s not all gloom — although for many it is, or close — as heard in conversations about anywhere.

It doesn’t have to be when — if —government comprehends the hopes of citizens — and provides only enough structure in which spirits can soar. For the good of individual and country.

When will that be?

Jason D. Raines