Letter: No time for obstructionism

Aug. 15, 2014 @ 02:35 PM

To the editor:

One would think that all patriotic Americans would unite, support and assist our president in these perilous times. Like him or not President Obama now has myriad crises on his plate: the VA hospital mess, tens of thousands of children refugees from Central America on our southern border, Putin flapping his wings in Ukraine, the Iran nuclear talks, the Israeli-Hamas siege and slaughter, the Syrian civil war, the emergence of ISIS/ISIL spreading its brand of “super terrorism” out of Syria into northern Iraq using horrific, inhumane means to kill all who disagree with them in their purpose to establish an Islamic state (caliphate) in the old Levant. Add to this the multiple “fake scandal” investigations led by Daryl Issa. Chairman Issa keeps on spending taxpayers' millions in a thus far failed effort to find any wrongdoing by the White House. Now, House Speaker John Boehner has created a “select committee” that will spend millions more of taxpayer money to investigate Benghazi for the seventh time.

Right in the middle of all these crises Boehner is bringing a frivolous lawsuit against President Obama (at taxpayers' expense) for issuing an executive order delaying implementation of the small business Affordable Care Act mandate, the very thing the GOP had been demanding be done. Obama does it and now they sue him? The irony is that in the unlikely event Boehner wins the suit, the delay the GOP had been demanding will be repealed.

I challenge any of my GOP/Tea Party acquaintances to provide a rational explanation for this “frivolous lawsuit” against our president. I believe a more winnable lawsuit could be brought against the GOP controlled House for “doing nothing” and saying “No” to everything while collecting salaries of $174,000 a year. There is a reason the House approval rating is only 14 percent.

Charles J. Rogers