Letters to the Editor for Dec. 7, 2012

Dec. 07, 2012 @ 08:32 AM

Think about God’s four-legged creatures

As the holidays approach, our thoughts tend to move toward those less fortunate, those who may be in need of our love and care during this season of giving. Giving to and caring for others comes in many wonderful forms, and while it’s important for us to show care and concern for each other, this is also a special time to show care and concern for the four-legged creatures in our lives that also deserve that care and concern.

In 2012, many animal shelters have struggled to provide adequate care and “adoption options” for the numerous homeless pets that have passed through their doors over the past year. Our shelter employees, Animal Control officers, rescue group personnel and volunteers work hard throughout the year to provide good care for the homeless pets in our community, but they need us - the community - to help them progress if things are to improve for homeless pets in Caldwell County.

A great way to help your local shelter is through fostering. Fostering a homeless dog, cat or any other animal in need of shelter, care, love and guidance is a time-consuming effort, but it is also one of the most rewarding ways you can personally get involved in helping homeless pets. Providing a stepping stone for animals in search of their ‘“Forever Home” saves lives, takes some of the strain off of our overcrowded animal shelters, helps set the stage for successful adoption, and teaches skills that will enable you to help other animals in need for years to come.

If you cannot foster or adopt a new pet at this time, please consider donating to your local shelter and to your local rescue groups during this holiday season. It costs a considerable amount to just keep the lights and heat on in our shelters, or to enable a rescue group to feed, vet and care for the animals they work to assist. Every dollar helps, and many shelters and rescue groups are happy to put your funds to use in areas of your choosing, such as food, spay/neuter funds, supplies, pet sponsorship, vaccinations, etc.

If you are interested in fostering, or would like more information about how you can help your local animal shelter during this holiday season, or in 2013, please visit www.partnerscanines.org or call 828-757-8625 for more information.


Jessica Carter

Caldwell County Health Department


Supporting neighbors

Well, deck the halls! It is a time to decorate with festive trees, garlands and wreaths. Where will we find such things? They can be found at a local merchant with the nerve to display happy signs of Christmas.

I admire our local city council and their good intent to keep our intersections and streets safe, but come on guys, it is Christmas. Could you not grant a temporary permit for the blow-up displays for holidays? These vendors are not foreigners who rush in to make a quick profit; they are our NEIGHBORS who live and work here and try to make a living.

To each of you, a Merry Christmas?


Carl E. Richards