Letters to the Editor for Dec. 6

Dec. 06, 2012 @ 08:17 AM

Careful what you ask for

In response to Mr. Josey’s assessment of the future of the Republican Party, I offer this:

The people have voted, and though the results are not what I and 48 percent of the voting public wanted, it has been decided that Obama will be given four more years to tear this country apart. I agree with Mr. Josey when he says the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for their defeat. During the primary process the Republican candidates took pleasure in tearing their opponents to shreds rather than outlining what they would do for this country if given the opportunity. Rather than outlining a policy that would protect the neediest among us while insuring that the outlandish tax and spend policy of the current administration would be held in check, the Republicans put forth a platform attempting to legislate morality. Rather than offering to consider minimal tax increases for the wealthy in exchange for guaranteed cuts in spending they chose a “my way or the highway” stance. In spite of all that, Romney would have done more to help this country out of its current state of affairs than Obama has done or will do. Hopefully, lessons have been learned, and the 2016 elections will present us with a reformed Republican candidate and platform that can truly connect with the people.

To those rejoicing over the re-election of Obama, consider this: we have a lame duck president who is beholding to no one and nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose. Over the next four years, if the last four years are any indication, you will be burdened with more taxes, regulations, restrictions, mandates and general government intrusion than you can imagine, all in the name of “a level playing field.” When the burden of Obama’s “fair share” agenda trickles down to you and you realize that there is truly a cost to carrying the burden of those who abuse the ever increasing number of “entitlement” programs made available to them you will begin to understand the concern of the more conservative among us.

If history has taught us anything it is this: Once something is given it is almost impossible to take back. That holds true with almost anything but is especially true with entitlements. If you doubt that you need only look to Greece. Deeply in debt and on the verge of bankrupt Greece has had to raise the retirement age (from 62 to 65), reduce pensions and impose drastic spending cuts; the result, a year of rioting in the streets. The Greeks had become complacent, depending on their Government to provide for them rather than taking responsibility for their own wellbeing.  The fact is we are fast approaching the same scenario and unless steps are taken to reign in our spending we will face the same future.

There are two directions this country can take: One is a country that takes care of those truly in need but demands that those individuals and companies who are able to fend for themselves do so rather than lean on the government for support; the second is a country wherein the government decides who succeeds or fails, penalizes those who do succeed and extends support to those who chose not to make an effort or have exercised poor judgment.

The first direction leads to a free and strong country where everyone who truly makes an effort can be successful, the second leads to a country divided, where a diminishing portion of the population is asked to support an increasing portion of its citizens and where the government decides what is “fair and equal” through taxation and regulation.

To those of you who kept Obama in office, congratulations; you got what you asked for. I am not sure you realize what you have gotten. The next four years will be disastrous for this country if they are a repeat of the last four years. But as they say, “it is what it is,” and life goes on. I fear that we will spend the next generation undoing the damage done by this administration, and it won’t be pretty. Four years from now those of you who supported Obama may well be saying to yourself, “this is not what I asked for.”


Ron Smith