Letter: Where was your outrage before?

Aug. 10, 2013 @ 01:09 AM

To the editor:

Regarding the letter from Clay McCreary on July 31: Thanks for the attack on the literature at the Democrats’ booth – we expected that! For you to single out an article based on real events I have to ask, “Where was your outrage when your party advocated these ideals?” What about No. 9 of the “50 Signs You Might Be in the Tea Party,” implying that Obama does not like white people. Did you forget that his mother was white; his grandparents whom raised him where white? How about No. 14, you cheer at the idea of the uninsured dying? That, my friend, is unconscionable and indefensible. In a sense this particular handout was satire along the line of “Here’s Your Sign!” The Tea Party was not the target for this literature. The many who had heard and seen the views expressed by the conservative party, in the last few years, when they see this in written form, it has to give them pause to think about the actuality of the actions and remarks that have perpetuated so much hate and discontent among our elected leaders. This attack on the Dems could have easily been volley over to the Republicans’ two tents. I have voted over the years for candidates of both parties, but believe me this is not the same party I once held in high esteem. The Republican Party has let a few select individuals manage to run an entire party on “let’s get elected at all cost.” This party could care less about low- and moderate-income people affording health care. They shut a blind eye to large corporations that use tax havens to avoid paying U.S. income taxes. I wonder if conservatives could care about proper supervision at private and charter schools while demanding full accountability at the public schools. There you go, Mr. Letter to the Editor writer, the last three sentences were handouts you might have missed. Shame on you for cherry picking. We could have been handing out Bibles and I am sure you would have found fault with that too. I don’t speak for the Democratic Party, but I am sure they were there to appeal to the voters or at best give them an opportunity to make a choice. Consider this when you do make a choice: The largest difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, in my opinion, is that the Democrats do not brag about what they do as well as the Republicans lie about what they do.

Gary Barlow