Letter: The Ben Griffin saga

Feb. 09, 2014 @ 05:32 AM

To the editor:

Ben didn't get the message. The voters didn't want him back any more. His first four years was enough for Caldwell County to endure.

He is asking for more responsibility voting on the board of commissioners. The same board that gave the tax break is the same board in now. I don't see Ben in the picture. If Ben gets back in we will read and hear more complaints just like we did the whole four years he was in there before. We don't need Ben back to try to rule the commissioners again. The old saying is if it isn't broken don't fix it. Myself, I believe it is working.

As for the school issue: That money was allotted years ago for the new school and not for an old building to renovate. There never was a vote by the commissioners on this issue, so why blame Mike LaBrose and Chris Barlowe for the matter? Ben is just bringing Mike and Chris' names up because they are the only ones up for re-election. Re-elect Mike and Chris, they aren't tag-alongs.

Ben is saying this commission board should have taken the initiative on the school issue because of the greater cost between the old building and the new building. Ben said the commission board wasn't prepared for the big-dollar issues.

I'm asking Ben to explain to the voters how much better prepared he is now than when he was when he threw away millions of taxpayers up in the Happy Valley area consisting of the water issue. We buy it for around $15 million and sell it for a whole lot less. Who was prepared then? Not Ben.

So I'm saying just like Ben said it but from another issue. I don't care how you dice it or slice it, we the taxpayers are not prepared for another Ben Griffin vote.

Vote NO Ben Griffin on election day, vote yes Mike and Chris.

Donald J. Boughman