Letter: Help prove Wall Street wrong

Feb. 09, 2014 @ 01:33 AM

To the editor:

Upon hearing that CVS will no longer sell tobacco products, Wall Street immediately downgraded CVS stock because of anticipated lost earnings. Obviously, selling addictive, cancer-causing products is a good financial decision for big business. The leaders of CVS are taking a different view of what is best for their company -- a view that values people over profits. Yet, rival drug store chain Rite-Aid, whose mission statement is to “improve the health and wellness of our communities,” continues to make decisions that increase tobacco sales and profits.

CVS officials are not saying you can’t smoke. They are saying that since tobacco is addictive and proven to be the number one cause of preventable disease, disability and death in America, they cannot morally continue to sell tobacco in order to make a greater profit. Congratulations to CVS on a courageous decision. Shame on Rite-Aid.

Investors have a right to invest in businesses that choose to sell unhealthy products. You have a right to patronize them. You also have a right, and hopefully a moral obligation, to patronize those businesses that make good “health and wellness” decisions for our community.

I will take my business to CVS. I hope you will also.

Tony Deal