Letter: Thank them for their tireless work

Dec. 22, 2013 @ 01:12 AM

To the editor:

Thank you for the article about Toys for Tots. My husband, Sammie Edmisten, who passed away in March, truly loved this project. I would like to thank all those who contributed to Toys for Tots in his honor. Sammie became friends with Jimmie Bryant through the Marine Corps League. They worked together on Toys for Tots for several years. I think Jimmie and his wife, Sharon, had been coordinators before that, but during the time he and Sammie worked together Sammie did the paperwork for the national office. It is a TREMENDOUS amount of paperwork - so this year when Jimmie and Sharon again became coordinators I could certainly sympathize with the amount of time they spent in not only the organization but the grunt work as well. Huge shipments of toys were received at their home and then transported (with little help) to Lower Creek, where the unloading, unpacking and sorting took place. When talking about at least three gifts each for 1,500 children - well, that is a lot of toys. In addition, boxes were placed in local businesses and had to be periodically checked to incorporate those toys into the distribution. I was privileged to help with this project in honor of Sammie this year. If you know Jimmie and Sharon and you see them out and about, PLEASE tell them how much you appreciate the many, many hours of hard work they put into this worthwhile project. And on another note - they were a blessing to us during Sammie's illness and to me since that time. No one could ask for more faithful friends.

Teresa Edmisten