Letter: Keep watch for thieves

Jan. 12, 2014 @ 01:09 AM

To the editor:

Thursday night at approximately 11:45 my cars were broken into. Me and my dad caught him in the act and have it all on surveillance. I called the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office, and they promptly responded and are doing an investigation. The suspect got away with my purse and all of my belongings. I am the third neighbor I know of that this has happened too. I wanted inform y'all of this because this ongoing problem. I feel he and other robbers/thieves will continue to be on the prowl and victimize others. Communities and homeowners need to be aware that this is going on and to keep all their doors and windows and vehicles locked at all times. The suspect was very bold in the fact that he actually drove his car up my driveway, parked and even spoke with us when we encountered him. He used the excuse that he needed help because he had a FLAT TIRE and then jumped in his car and sped off. This topic really needs more attention because these crimes are going on every day and everywhere. I would really hate for this to happen to another family like it did me. It really makes me wonder, HOW SAFE ARE OUR COMMUNITIES?

Olivia Curtis