Letter: What you get when you vote for the person

Sep. 15, 2013 @ 01:31 AM

To the editor:

In politics I often have people tell me they do not vote for the party (whether it be Democrat or Republican) but the vote for the MAN or WOMAN. If you read the news story Friday concerning the meeting that Republican Majoirty Leader Edgar Starnes held in Lenoir at the Caldwell County Public Library on Thursday night, it is apparent that Mr. Starnes does not represent the school teachers' interest. He admits the budget was a bad budget and was not balanced, yet he voted for its passage. For your information, the duties of the majority leader are to preside over party caucuses, direct his party strategy in legislative deliberations, assemble party members for important vogtes, and serve as party spokesman. So as you can see Mr. Starnes does not support your concerns, as the news story points out, he supports the demands of the Republican Party. The next time you vote for the MAN or WOMAN, be sure that he or she is from the party (Republican or Democrat) that you feel will best represent your concerns.

T. Jack Fox