Letter: Furniture Brands is the gang that can’t shoot straight

Sep. 21, 2013 @ 01:34 AM

To the editor:

I am a longtime Thomasville employee. Your editorial “No bonuses should go to proven losers” was excellent. These greedy, incompetent, corrupt executives have 1) bankrupted Furniture Brands, 2) taken away our bonuses, our raised and shafted us big-time, 3) ruined Thomasville Furniture’s reputation with our vendors so that it is difficult for us to get the supplies we need, and 4) caused law firms to file lawsuits against Furniture Brands because they allegedly misled investors about business conditions.

Thereforme, it would be outrageous and obscene to give bonuses to Ralph Scozzafava and the gang that can’t shoot straight.

I pray to God that some good will come out of this mess. I pray that we will finally break free from Furniture Brands’ chains and once again become a respected and productive company that people will be proud to work for.

John Allen Dixon