Letter: Our Maine winter experience

Feb. 24, 2014 @ 08:38 AM

To the editor:

I loved snow when I was a “young un.” Growing up in Maine was snowy -- and cold. A hearty life. We moved (my wife and I) from northern Maine, way “up there,” to Lenoir in 2011.

One day in early 2010, deep in a severe winter, my wife and I were outside shoveling snow, sanding the quarter-mile driveway by hand, and hauling in firewood. This was a day’s work or more after a 6-inch snowfall. We had 13 of 6 inches or more that winter, a total of 200 inches, a record. I looked at the huge snowbanks, as high as our one-story home, and the snow. It was nearly 6 feet on the level in the woods we lived in. I said, “Dear, what are we doing here?” It was fun when we were younger, but now it’s NOT. (I was 65 and she was 62 then.) “It’s about time you woke up,” she said. You mean you’d give up all this (peaceful wilderness, etc.) for what? “A warm home in the warm South,” she said. We loved Maine and still do. We have two daughters and two grandkids in northern Maine.

Age changes perspective, so we moved here. Lenoir is a great place. We are happy here -- very. The people, the climate, and the area.

This was the first Maine-type winter event (save a 6-inch snow storm Christmas Day, 2010. “If snow has to come, let it be on Christmas” -- that’s what people say). This is a no-big-deal winter to Mainers. Conditions here, driving, etc., do make snow, ice and cold difficult -- narrow roads with quick, steep hills and no side shoulders. Times like this call for us all to help each other work together. Success is guaranteed by these efforts.

What’s the point in this? It is “Grin and bear it” – help your fellow man all you can, and avoid Maine in the winter – we go home (our original home) summers. Enjoy life each day, and chins up, everyone.

Donald E. Bowie


The original letter included many of the New England winter weather records that would make any North Carolinian extremely happy to get only 6 inches of snow that mostly melted away in three days – for instance, northern Maine got 6 feet of snow in two days, Dec. 31, 1962, and Jan. 1, 1963, and a record low of minus-50 was recorded in January 2009 at Little Black River, Maine. For space reasons, we could not run them all, but you get the point. -- The editor