Letter: Thanks to a little angel named Rodney

Oct. 02, 2013 @ 07:45 AM

To the editor:

I currently live in Asheville but am from Blowing Rock and my family roots are in Lenoir. I’ve become very accustomed to the drive from Asheville to Blowing Rock over the past year and have always felt at ease once I cross through Lenoir for obvious reasons.

Last month I was driving to Blowing Rock on a hot Friday afternoon. Suddenly, I noticed my temperature guage quickly spike up and my car was overheating. I coasted into the Caldwell Behavioral Health building parking lot. While getting out of my car, I saw a man get out of his old Ford truck and quickly run over to help me. Right away, he introduced himself as Rodney and diagnosed that I had a small hole in my radiator hose. Knowing nothing about cars, I was worried this was a big issue. Rodney quickly got on the phone with Auto Zone to check that they had the right type of hose and that they would put it on for me. He found tape and taped the hose where the hole was, which he called it a “redneck fix.” He gave me directions to Auto Zone, which was right down the road. He said once his friend was done with an appointment that he would drive by and make sure I was all right. I told him it wasn’t necessary and thanked him profusely. I made it to Auto Zone and bought the hose Rodney suggested. But the employee told me he actually wasn’t allowed to put the hose on for me. Right away, I saw the door open out of the corner of my eye and looked over. Lo and behold, it was Rodney coming to check up on me. He replaced my radiator hose quickly, made sure I knew how to get back en route and allowed no thanks. All he said was that I could repay the favor for someone else one day.

I didn’t know how to say thank you enough and figured a letter would be the only way to get one last word of appreciation! The following weekend in Asheville I had another unfortunate instance and was discussing it with my mother. Distraught over how apathetic some people can be, my mother asked me one simple question, “What was that man from Lenoir’s name that helped you? Just remember, there are little angels like him out there.” Strangely enough, I found that comforting, and I had one short response, “Rodney.”

Jenny Moltz