Letter: Taxpayers should not pay for this

Jul. 10, 2013 @ 04:25 PM

To the editor:

On July 2, there was an editorial reprinted from the Winston-Salem Journal that talked about how North Carolina should compensate the victims of the sterilization program that took place from 1929-1974. I say no, we should not compensate these victims because the politicians that passed and endorsed this terrible program are either dead or on their death bed. I say let God mete out his judgment on those who took part in this ugly deed because God’s judgment will be far more worse than any amount of money the victims would receive. If we do compensate these victims, who will be next to get in line and ask for taxpayer money? I would like to be compensated for all the monies that have been stolen out of my paycheck and given to those who think they deserve it more than I do. So I encourage my representatives in Raleigh to continue to vote NO on the compensation payouts.

Jeffrey Smith