Letter: Five is not enough

Dec. 08, 2013 @ 01:38 AM

To the editor:

I see by the letter from Richard Greene in Sunday's paper that someone else is not happy with the new weekend paper. At one time we had no Saturday paper; folks complained about late info on obits and sports news. Then no Monday paper, and that had the same complaints. Now with no Saturday and no Monday paper, what do we have? Mr. Greene and other sports fans have delayed game scores and death notices may run too late for people to plan to attend the services. I am an avid crossword puzzle fan, and I send the sudoku puzzles to a nephew in Alabama who has different ones in his paper. The crossword puzzles need to run in consecutive order, and so far I can't see that they have.

I admit to reading all of the comic page and am not ashamed of that, even nearing my 85th birthday. I have been a "Peanuts" fan since the first strip came out. But the missing comic pages are frustrating.

A five-day-a-week paper is not enough. If I had my way, we'd have more than a once-a-week column by Benjie Watts, also.

Pat Andersen


Editor's note: We are evaluating the responses we have received to the Weekend Edition and expect to make some adjustments, but we have not dropped a comics page. Currently, the Friday paper carries the comics for Friday as well as the page that would have run Saturday.