Letter: Courts offer no protection from trespass, harassment

Nov. 10, 2013 @ 01:44 AM

To the editor:

How does a citizen of Caldwell County keep unwanted and unwelcome people from trespassing on their property?

Trying to do it by the book and legally isn’t working. The legal system in Caldwell County is like a jester in a royal court.

A defendant can hire a lawyer, and just because they do, they can get continuance after continuance after continuance until the case gets thrown out (dismissed). And where does that leave the plaintiff, who is the victim? With no restraining order and giving the offender the “right” to do the offense again, that’s where.

When a person has been told to stay away or out of someone’s life, however they are told, that is not an invitation to come to their house or property, otherwise called trespassing.

Laura Rutledge