Letter: More cats go missing

Jul. 27, 2014 @ 01:17 AM

To the editor:

I've had two more cats go missing. A large Siamese with big blue eyes. He was afraid of everyone but me and my granddaughter.

Today, July 16, my gray Maine coon is gone. He was brother to the Siamese. We have 11 acres here. Racoons come up to eat nightly on the patio. The last couple weeks one with a bad leg it can't even walk on hobbles up and sometimes sleeps on our covered deck. No possums seen in weeks.

I ride down the road behind our house hoping to see one of them. My husband and I did see the black stray that got gone the same week my white and black first cat went missing. I really think someone around here is setting traps. What they are doing with them is anyone's guess.

I can't seem to accept them being killed by another animal. I think they have been sold.

1 - Dasey - White with black spots, short hair, slick coat.

2- Calico - female

3 - Black long hair, male

4 - Cody - White with black spots, short hair

5 - Issie - Black long hair, female

6 - Gray long hair, female (large)

7 - Tiger - Beautiful long hair, male

8 - Tallas - Beautiful white and gray, very long hair, large cat

9 - Ben - Siamese, blue eyes, afraid of people, home body

10 - Jerry - Gray Maine coon, Ben's brother

All but one have been fixed and had shots. There is a reward for information leading to what happened to these cats.

I fed and watered these cats twice a day. They had a good place to sleep in the garage in the winter. There was a heater in the corner where they were when it was below 40. In the summer they go in and out of the garage. I left the door up a foot. Fans run to cool it off. I’ve bought food, milk for several that were small, cat litter, cat toys, three cat towers of different sizes. I love these cats. I want them back alive.

Claudia Cooke