Letter: 'Weekend edition' is a farce

Nov. 30, 2013 @ 02:16 PM

To the editor:

I don't like the new Lenoir News-Topic weekend edition.

Who wants to read about Friday night football on Sunday morning when college games played on Saturday should take precedence? Who cares to read on Tuesday about college football games that were played late on Saturday?

With the advent of college basketball, reading about games on Tuesday that were played on Saturday is ridiculous.

The Lenoir News-Topic is supposed to be a source of information for the citizens. Who cares about all the bells and whistles of the social media that you are promising us in this new edition?

Last but not least, are we going to get a reduction in the price of our subscription since we will be getting one less edition each week?

These are my sentiments, and the same has been expressed to me by many others.

Richard Greene