Letter: Oh, the noise, noise, noise

Nov. 30, 2013 @ 02:18 PM

To the editor:

As I get older, rather than my hearing getting worse, it seems that everything has become a constant noise!

May I expound .... While sitting in a restaurant, getting ready to enjoy a nice, quiet (?) meal, from overhead the music is blaring to the point that I find myself shouting to be heard by my dinner partner. Then, joining the music, or whatever that noise is, there have to be at least two screaming kids with parents who are totally oblivious to their screaming. Maybe the noisy music has deafened them already. It seems that these

same parents don't have a clue that their rude kids might be bothering someone. It's like they are thinking, "Oh, aren't they cute, everyone loves my unruly kids." NOT!

And oh ... to have to listen to a cellphone conversation in the booth next to you, that goes on and on and on! I do love my cellphone, but there should be rules as to when, where and how long to use them if not an emergency situation. And now they are talking about making them OK to use on a plane? Can you imagine sitting next to someone who is carrying on a cellphone conversation on a flight?

As much as I despise flying, if that happens to me, they had best hope that the air marshal is sitting on the other side of me. In my old age, my patience isn't what it used to be!

I don't guess we can depend on our government to make the right decision on this. They haven't made a correct decision for going on seven years now. Oh well, we can only hope!!

Jane S. Haas