Letter: When ideology and theology clash

Mar. 30, 2014 @ 01:16 AM

To the editor:

When political ideology conflicts with Christian values, which should prevail? The words in “red” in the New Testament are clearly embedded in my memory from Sunday school and Vacation Bible School classes I attended as a youth. These words of Jesus are the prism through which I make political and personal life decisions.

Most of our state legislators and the governor profess to be Christians. Yet they are denying over 300,000 citizens coverage under the expanded Medicaid provision of Obamacare because it conflicts with their political ideology. Do you believe Jesus would agree with that decision?

Most of those eligible for this coverage are “working poor,” many are older people, and a large percentage are children. All of the cost would be paid by the federal government for the first few years and then the state would pay incremental increases each year up to a maximum of 10 percent starting in 2020.

Imagine a state senator, representative, governor or a supporter of theirs being told by a constituent, “I have a child with a disease who will die without urgently needed medical care that we can’t get because you denied us insurance when we could have had it at little or no cost to the state. How can you claim to be good Christians even though your excuse may be, 'I rejected insurance for you because of my political beliefs? I’m sorry if your child dies.'”

Why aren’t more of our ministers, Sunday school teachers and church leaders not speaking up and declaring that this is not right? Jesus clearly cared for the poor, the powerless, especially children and taught us to do the same. This is a moral not a political issue. Let your voices be heard by our elected officials.

Charles J. Rogers