Letter: Recommendations for primary voters

Mar. 30, 2014 @ 01:18 AM

To the editor:

I recently submitted a letter-to-the-editor giving my reasons not to vote for someone. But since then, I’ve had friends suggest that I ought to make suggestions why they should vote for someone. Democrats have not even offered candidates for most local offices up for election in November, so the primary May 6 is doubly important.

Donnie Potter, a Republican running for county commissioner, is the guy I’m most intrigued with. What impresses me is he thinks mostly as I do about how a government ought to run, and he was raised hard. He’s overcome a lot, personally, to become someone who wants to “give something back.” I like his banking background — he works for Ally Bank — and am convinced he understands both money and people.

The one thing I don’t care for is that Potter was a Democrat in his early adult years, but that was in another time and place. I’m also concerned that very few people who vote in Caldwell County know who he is and what he may have contributed. But, there has to be a first time to run for everyone.

Mike LaBrose also gets my nod for county commissioner. I’m not a hypocrite, so there are some in my party who think I’m not a strong “party person.” I didn’t particularly care for Mike the first time our paths crossed, because he backed a candidate I didn’t like. But as I’ve gotten to know him over the years, he has earned my respect.

I like LaBrose’s commitment to public service — 14 years on the board of education, plus four years as commissioner. Some think he’s too easily swayed, but he does have a voting record that’s public. If you have questions, check it out. He understands people, risk-and-reward, agriculture, small business and ecology — and all those things are important to me.

For sheriff, I like the current man, Alan Jones. He’s been our sheriff since early 2007 — when Gary Clark died — and a major and a policeman before that. Jones has a lifetime of experience and training, and you don’t just throw that away because you may not like someone he employs or he may have had to arrest you or tell you something you didn’t like. I don’t know Lance Wilson, but I don’t like that Ben Griffin supports Wilson financially.

At least half the candidates Ben has supported in the past have disappointed me greatly.

Dennis A. Benfield