Letter: Democrats, and Reid, need Hagan to win

Aug. 24, 2014 @ 01:52 AM

To the editor:

Will Democrats --- namely Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada --- retain control of the U. S. Senate? North Carolina voters will give the answer this November. Democrats are spending a fortune to keep Kay Hagan in the Senate and thus Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

With President Obama unpopular, Hagan faces a stiff challenge from Republican Thom Tillis. One group backing Hagan, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, is spending $9.1 million (News-Topic, August 14).

If Hagan loses to Tillis --- and thus Reid loses control of the Senate --- how will illegal immigration policy be affected?

Immigration legislation, currently blocked by Reid, will reach President Obama's desk. HR 5272, for example, recently passed in the GOP-controlled House, blocks any expansion by President Obama of DACA. DACA is an Obama "executive action" known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. DACA invites minors to cross our border illegally.

Also recently passed by the Republican House is HR 5230. HR 5230 requires the same removal process for all illegal alien minors, regardless of country of origin. HR 5230 would eliminate burdensome procedures adopted in 2008 for illegal alien minors from Central America.

With no Harry Reid blocking GOP legislation in the Senate, a more security-focused GOP Senate would likely pass similar measures, putting pressure on President Obama to secure the border.

A Kay Hagan loss/Thom Tillis victory would also limit President Obama's choices for federal judges. Judges would come under scrutiny by a Republican-controlled Senate. Federal judges have immense power. On immigration, a dramatic example is the 5-to-4 Plyler v. Doe Supreme Court decision of 1982. The Plyler decision forces taxpayers to provide K-12 schooling for children illegally residing in the U. S. Had the left-right tilt of the 1982 Court been 4-5, America's illegal immigration problem would be dramatically dimished.

Free public schooling for illegal alien minors combined with automatic birthright citizenship for children born to illegal aliens are a one-two punch that has put America on the ropes. That combination has remade America in ways voters would never have chosen.

The party controlling the Senate matters --- for immigration, for judges and much else. Hence the Democrats' mega-millions ad blitz. To keep Obama doing what he is doing, Democrats need Hagan in the Senate and Reid in charge.

Tom Shuford