Letter: Obey speed limit, watch the road

Aug. 24, 2014 @ 01:55 AM

To the editor:

For many years now I have lived near the bottom of the long hill on the Shew Hollow Road. It is a way through from Pisgah Church Road to Abington Road and crossover to Beecher Anderson Road, which goes by West Caldwell High School. In these years here I've seen small children become teenagers and teens become adults.

About three years ago I lost a beloved purebred sheltie because she darted out in front of a vehicle. More than one loved pet has met its demise on the Shew Hollow Road despite vigilance of our pets. Rarely will any motorist even stop to render aid.

There is a 35 mph speed limit sign in my yard.

Motorists, please, during your drive time down that hill, leave a few minutes earlier so you don't need to rush. It is easy to not watch your speedometer when you're distracted and in a hurry. I've noted people driving as much as 50-plus mph down or up the hill. I've even known them to race their engines more I have given a nonverbal sign to them to SLOW DOWN!

Well, I have lost a few pets in the past, a family member has another injured dog that he loves. What will it take for people to SLOW DOWN on the Shew Hollow Road? We have toddlers on this road and no sidewalks. Like pets they can be unpredictable and dart out into a road. I hope you get my point. I would thank all my neighbors on roads that connect with the Shew Hollow Road for driving responsibly.

Debra Kelly Greene