Letter: Meadows' tantrum costing the nation

Oct. 14, 2013 @ 04:42 PM

To the editor:

Being a newcomer to North Carolina I was surprised to learn that my U.S. congressman, Mark Meadows, is the U.S. House member whom CNN described as being the architect of the U.S. government shutdown. This dumb and futile attempt to do away with a law and damage a president he does not like is un-American. It’s unbelievable that anyone, especially a U.S. congressman, would be unpatriotic enough to willfully initiate and organize actions causing so much hardship, unnecessary costs and disruption to millions of our citizens and imperiling our still-fragile economy. I’m not a lawyer, but this childish behavior is reprehensible and seems to border on treason.

Having been an entrepreneur with prior executive background in the automotive, defense and service industries (both domestic and international locations), I am familiar with the impact of government instability. The U.S. has always had the reputation for its financial and government stability, which is now threatened. A government shutdown, along with threats of a debt default, is the most horrific example of stupidity I can think of. Since he is a “freshman Congressman,” one might give him a pass for his naiveté and immaturity were it not for the intentional damage his actions are doing to our great country.

We elect people to protect and improve our republic, not to intentionally damage or destroy it. I suggest that Congressman Meadows owes the people of the 11th District, as well the entire nation, an apology and explanation. His resignation is another alternative.

Charles J. Rogers