Letter: The real reason D.C. is broken

Oct. 20, 2013 @ 07:03 AM

To the editor:

In "Example shows why D.C. is broken" (News-Topic, Oct. 15), Rob Christensen of the News & Observer is indignant that a conservative lobbying group, Heritage Action, is spending $550,000 on an advertising campaign "against a number of Republicans --- including [Renee] Elmers" [Raleigh area] who opposed the shutdown tactic to end/change Obamacare.

Fair enough. But those same Republican members of Congress --- including specifically Renee Elmers --- are under far more advertising pressure from business lobbies seeking "immigration reform" --- a euphemism for expanding businesses' supply of cheap foreign workers --- than they will ever be from piddling "Heritage Action."

Consider an Oct. 6 McClatchy News report. Sacramento-based McClatchy owns 30 newspapers, including the (Raleigh) News & Observer and the Charlotte Observer. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, says McClatchy, "told members of Congress recently that he plans to spend $50 million on advertisements supporting members of Congress who support an immigration overhaul and pressuring others who may be on the fence."

Zuckerberg's North Carolina GOP targets? "Renee Ellmers of Dunn, Richard Hudson of Concord and George Holding of Raleigh." Zuckerberg and New York's Michael Bloomberg feel they "can be compelled to support an overhaul" ("N. C. lawmakers wooed by groups pushing immigration overhaul").

Now which lavishly-funded advertising campaign would arouse the ire of a News & Observer columnist targeting GOP members of Congress? Mark Zuckerberg's $50 million or Heritage Action's $550,000?

To ask is to instantly know. It's an example that shows why D.C. is not the only large enterprise that's "broken." So are our newspapers.

By the way, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg and other super-rich need not target senators. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk free? Democrats control the Senate. Swamping U.S. labor markets with cheap foreign labor has been Democrat policy for decades.

The drama is in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. Will billionaires have their way? Mark Zuckerberg is betting $50 million. President Obama is eager to help:

"President Barack Obama said on Tuesday [Oct. 15] that stalled immigration reform would be a top priority once the fiscal crisis has been resolved.

"'Once that's done . . . the day after, I'm going to be pushing to say, call a vote on immigration reform,' he told the Los Angeles affiliate of Spanish-language television network Univision" (Reuters, Oct. 16).

Beware of billionaires, presidents and newspaper chains bearing the "gift" of "immigration reform." They are up to no good.

Tom Shuford