Letter: Care received was second to none

Oct. 29, 2013 @ 10:37 AM

To the editor:

I have never had a good opinion of Caldwell Memorial, but I had never been hospitalized. On Oct. 14, I went from fine in the morning to unable to stand or walk by 6 p.m. I listended to my wife and let her call an ambulance. I also called my doctor and friend, Dr. Rick Mcburney, and told him where I was going to be transported to. He told me Caldwell Memorial would be better. I didn’t like that, but I trusted my friend.

Upon arrival they began working on me, realizing it was some type of infection. The doctors worked like CSI detectives to determine the infection and called in a specialist to start a central line in my neck. Then they moved me to a room where the nursing staff took over.

The hospital team identified the cause of the infection and the best course of treatment. They kept me informed and explained things to me.

Despite many unpleasant duties, the nursing staff was GREAT. They were professional, pleasant and very caring. The care I received from Caldwell Memorial Hospital was second to none.

My opinion has changed. Excellent job, Caldwell Memorial. Even the food was good.

David Greene