Letter: Honeycrisp wins the vote

Nov. 16, 2013 @ 06:43 AM

To the editor:

The tasting is over and the votes are tallied. We're excited to announce the results from our search for Caldwell County's Favorite Apple.

Folks thought Honeycrisp was not only the prettiest apple we offered, but it was the best tasting. Pink Lady came in only a few votes behind in the best-tasting category. Both apples are relatively new varieties. Tasters also ranked Honeycrisp as the tartest apple. The varieties of apples in this competition were Arkansas Black, Mutzu, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Gala, and Honey Crisp. These varieties represent a variety of regionally grown apples, with flavors ranging from sweet to tart.

We thank those who tasted apples at the Sawmills Farmers Market and the fourth-grade teachers and classes at Whitnel Elementary School (Ms. Carter, Ms. Belton, and Ms. Lindley) for their participation. We would also like to thank the organizers of the market and the News-Topic for their promotion and coverage of the event. It was a success for all who attended.

The Caldwell Staff, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service