Letter: Mr. Bob stands out

Nov. 16, 2013 @ 06:44 AM

To the editor:

I had an opportunity to greatly enjoy a business visit to a Lenoir and wondered how many folks in Lenoir realize what a "treasure" you fine residents enjoy right in your hometown. This fellow is known as Bob Cutts, and he aides folk with their eyeglass needs. I have been to his place of business recently for my third time, and I assure you, I'm no novice at evaluating folks in the business sector, that is, those that stand out. Let me tell you, this gentleman "stands out," and in my personal opinion "he is outstanding." When you go in his modest office, you simply sit in a non-padded metal chair and "wait your turn." He has no receptionist, no carpet and no plush walnut desk, at least none that I've ever seen! No one gets excited, and what was remarkable to me, folks seem to realize Bob's demeanor and look after each other in a rare display of "do unto others" kind of way. Can't tell you much about Mr. Bob personally, never been around where he "motors" outside his business, but I'll tell you this much, he has to be tops in the "grandpa" department, as well as must have been a whale of a husband as he shared the loss of his wife in a previous conversation when I was in his place of business. I don't know for sure but this guy has gotta be a "Christian," yep, I said it, "Christian"! Wow, did he "wow me." Those of you who know Bob, you know what I mean. Boy, is he ever enjoyable to just be around and I oughta know, I have been in the people business for 40-plus years until I retired in March. I'm sure Lenoir has a few more like him but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting them. I live in Taylorsville, next door, and we have a precious few here, but we got 'em, none any better than Mr. Bob, but thankfully one here and there. I am very thankful for people like Bob Cutts and wish him and his family the very best Thanksgiving and Christmas, yep "Christmas" with the emphasis on "Christ," ever!

My name is the least important part of this letter but I'm not ashamed to speak out on behalf of this "genuine American and veteran."

Tom Seamone