Letter: A teen’s perspective on the many wars against terror

Sep. 14, 2013 @ 01:57 AM

To the editor:

As a young adult I have many uncertainties that I face on a daily basis. One that is pressing to me is the Syrian civil war. As a freshman at Western Carolina University I don’t have all of the memories that some of you have. For most of my life our great country has been fighting a war on terrorism. I have heard news reports of this for what seems like all of my life. And yet after all of this we are still facing another crucial decision. Chemical warfare has been confirmed to have been used by the Syrian government against the rebels and ultimately its own citizens. Our president stated that he would not stand for this and would retaliate in the form of military airstrikes. Even though he said not a single boot of an American soldier would touch Syrian property, one strike leads to another, which in return turns into a conflict or war. Isn’t that what has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan? Weren’t they supposed to be a simple process? They have both turned into wars that raged way beyond their intended ending dates. Also, let’s look at the results of our recent military actions to stomp out the terrorists. Libya? A complete disaster, which Obama authorized, and we still don’t know all of the details on what went down in Benghazi. Iraq? This is where our troops had been for what seemed like my whole life. Now Iraq is turning away from what we tried to establish when we occupied it. Afghanistan? We are still there and hopefully pulling out soon. But whenever we do get out, there is no telling what will happen. Will everything we set up just come crumbling down like everywhere else in the Middle East seems to? Syria? I do think that something needs to be done about Bashar Al-Assad and what he is doing to the Syrian people. But I also am fed up with the USA being everyone’s security. I’m at the point where I wish all American forces were at home where they belong, with their families and friends. Where they aren’t across the world fighting and basically mediating other people’s issues and problems. I am certainly not against our military, but I am against the way that they are being used at the moment. Bring our troops home. I don’t want to be at war anymore.

James S. Taylor II