Letter to the editor: Setting the tone

Jun. 15, 2013 @ 01:24 AM

To the editor:

The leader of a country, the CEO of a company and the head of a household set the moral and ethical tone for their respective entities. Sadly we are witnessing the results of Obama’s leadership, or lack thereof, as our country flounders amidst one scandal after another and our role as world leader is but a memory.

From the outset Obama instilled an “us versus them” agenda that has divided this country. As a result the mindset has become this: If you are Republican or wealthy you are somehow evil, but if you are a Democrat you are righteous and are the protector of the “middle class.” Anyone who dares suggest fiscal restraint and the reigning in of spending is an enemy of the average citizen. As a result more and more people have come to rely on the government for support at all levels, and the terms “self-reliance” and “work ethic” are becoming foreign concepts to many.

Obama has failed miserably in his promise to ensure that his administration would be transparent and that he would “fundamentally change” the way the government is run. What we have is a leader who is quick to take credit for successes, i.e. the killing of bin Laden, but just as quick to plead ignorance of wrongdoing by various departments within his administration, i.e. the IRS, NSA, the State Department, the Justice Department, etc. In his verve to appease the progressives and special interest groups, and his pandering to the Hispanic community by failing to deal honestly and directly with the 11 million-plus illegal immigrants in this country, Obama has diminished the integrity and stability of this great country.

A true leader is someone who sets the tone through example; he or she does so by putting politics aside and making the tough decisions that truly benefit all citizens regardless of their socio-economic standing. A true leader sets the moral tone by instilling in the citizens a sense of responsibility and self-determination, not dependence. A true leader sets the ethical tone by taking responsibility for failures within his or her administration and ensuring that those who failed us are held accountable, not transferred or promoted.

We have a leader who has set a tone of entitlement, government intrusion, diminishing freedoms and declining respect throughout the world. This country deserves better. Hopefully our next leader can set a more positive tone.

Ron Smith