Letter: Troubling liberalism

Jan. 19, 2014 @ 05:35 AM

To the editor:

More troubling than flawed Obamacare is the flawed thinking behind it: liberalism. A mindset holding to the myth that it is intellectually and morally superior. Obamacare emphatically proves the opposite; a botched law steeped in deception.

Deception is especially disturbing. Used to hide what? A question for most liberal positions and tactics: campaigns, elections, economy, IRS tactics, Benghazi distortions, national security — and more. Does it hide a willingness to allow — or to create chaos as in Obamacare — in pursuit of power?

Deception is dishonesty, apparently out of a mindset OK with dishonesty. It follows then to raise the question: What else is dishonest? Like ruthless personal attacks on members of the opposition. There are examples for open minds.

Deception is arrogant — implying: We know best, better than common folk. Or American genius is in us, your leaders, more than in you. Like leaders in other governments.

Deception erodes democracy — automatically taking away factual debate; distorting elections.

Deception kicked into high gear in the campaign rhetoric of Barack Obama. False “hope and change,” for example. Another: “the most transparent administration.” Deception put him in office. Then again through such distortions as: “you can keep your … .” And “al Qaeda is on the run.” Both proven falsehoods. To get elected!

Deception implies a public ripe for manipulation, for being duped. It happened — with the help of ethically-challenged media and truth-challenged education.

America may be about to grasp what is happening. Trust in the administration, for example, is at an all-time low. There are reasons. But deeper concern has to well up — to demand the return to democratic governing.

Time is short; deception and related moves continue from a troubling, largely controlling ideology.

What’s next? When?

There was a time when Americans resented being manipulated, controlled. Citizens “let it be known” and gained more freedom. And America moved forward.

America was a happier place. Then. What about now?

Jason D. Raines