Letter: Thanks for fundraiser success

May. 11, 2014 @ 02:15 PM

To the editor:

The Pancake Breakfast at Fatz last Saturday was a great success, thanks to the help of many people. We would like to extend a special "thank you" to the folks at First Baptist, Lenoir, who helped sell tickets; the following members of Fellowship Baptist who helped with serving food: Steve and Debbie Williams, Bobby, Christy and Alyson Mosteller, Nancy Haigh, Nancy Maltba, Leann Norman, Elsie Greene, Pastor Brad and Kelly Simon, Jim and Susan Evans, Bob and Cathy Venth, Byron Annas; and the biggest thank you to Doug Ellis, manager at Fatz, and his wait staff, Cody and Nicole. We would also like to thank Kim Gilliland for the great article in the News-Topic about the Baptist Children's Homes and Care House, and for bringing awareness to this program for unwed teen mothers and their babies. Fatz does a great job with these fund raisers and the staff is wonderful.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this great event.

Pam Annas

Baptist Children's Home Trustee

More than a holiday

To the editor:

Memorial Day will be observed on May 26. It’s a day to remember and give honor to the veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their comrades, and their families!

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who gave so that we can have the freedom we do here in America. The first Memorial Day was set aside for a memorial to American war dead and a tribute to disabled service men and women originated after World War I. Soldiers returning from Europe in 1918 were familiar with the wild poppies that bloomed in the battlefields of France and Flanders. More than a half-million Americans died and over 1 million were wounded during both World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict, Grenada/Lebanon, Panama, the Persian Gulf hostilities, and Afghanistan and other conflicts.

Observe a moment of silence in memory of those who died in combat. Please take a moment to say thank to those whose family members gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives during these conflicts! Also take a moment to say thank you to the men and women who served in the military during these times and give thanks to those who are still serving! Some of their injuries are apparent! Some injuries cannot be seen but are there nonetheless!

Remember! The freedom that you have is a freedom that was and is continuing to be fought for daily. Remember the veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their comrades, and their families!

Lindy Wilcox

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 29