Letter: Suffering and death from liberalism

Apr. 06, 2014 @ 01:36 AM

To the editor:

Liberalism killed millions of people in Africa, inflicted suffering on millions more — then turned its back.

Typical of a mentality avoiding reality and moral clarity — resulting too often in suffering and sometimes death. Similar flawed thinking is the source of considerable harm in America, bearing a direct relationship to the overall health of our country. A harsh indictment, not comfortable over coffee at Starbucks.

But not as harsh as the extreme suffering and death in Africa — mostly among children under 5 — from the spread of malaria. A spread resulting from liberal social irresponsibility.

The 1962 book “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson warned of damage to the environment by DDT, used widely to control mosquitoes carrying malaria. Liberalism, obsessed with environmental purity, pushed for a ban on DDT and got it. Mosquitoes revived and thrived. Malaria surged — and people died. By the millions, by some accounts. Pictures of flies crawling across faces of children numbed, or in agony, failed to pierce the consciences of those mostly responsible. They had turned away or marched to other “noble” causes.

It didn’t have to be. The partial use of DDT proved to control malaria without threatening a “silent spring” and without bringing suffering to whole populations.

The magnitude of suffering and dying stretches believability. How could it have happened! Arrogance — as in “we know best”? Or denial, not facing horrors of actions? Fantasy — that good intentions are what matter? Moral shallowness: environment first, people next — if at all? Media turning its head? There’s more, but space is limited.

Magnitude also obscures the reality that such flawed thinking harms America. Maybe not deaths in the millions, but what about a weak economy — and all that means — pressed down by liberal refusal to ignite a solid recovery? Or a botched, all-liberal health care system replete with liberal deception, insensitivity, avoidable anxiety, avoidable chaos — and, again, more? Or a nation dispirited and in greater world danger because of anemic leftist leadership?

Clearly, most in the liberal mindset, especially in the grassroots, don’t intend harm. Most are genuinely good people. But good intentions can hurt and kill when not grounded in reality — and when supporting leadership concerned more about self, about power than with the welfare of the people they’re supposed to serve — including those who vote for them.

Jason D. Raines