Letter: Democrats: Wishing to appeal or to appal?

Jul. 31, 2013 @ 01:17 AM

To the editor:

At the recent North Carolina Blackberry Festival, I couldn’t help but notice some of the literature at the booth of the Caldwell County Democratic Party, a paper titled “50 Signs You Might Be in the Tea Party.” Since the Democrats obviously wished to make this public information, a small sampling of the list may be enlightening (or not so much, as the case may prove). For instance, this paper proceeded to blast those who “think it appropriate to arm yourself for political rallies and think armed militias are a great and noble idea” (No. 35), those who “believe gay marriage undermines traditional family values although your religion has advocated polygamy” (No. 12) and even those who “think that Creationism is a valid theory to teach children in science classes” (No. 37). The paper demonstrated an offensive and hateful nature toward citizens who have deeply held Christian convictions and respect for the Bill of Rights. I find it disgraceful that the same Democrats who constantly proclaim the ideals of tolerance and acceptance could be so hypocritical, utterly intolerant and disrespectful. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so confounding if it weren’t for the reality that such beliefs are almost certainly common among an overwhelming majority of Caldwell County citizens.

In another brilliant piece of Democratic rhetoric at the same booth, they made the claim that Republicans are “hurting our state” because they are “attempting to ROLL BACK environmental protections. Tourism could suffer – who wants to travel to see a concrete factory?” I simply propose that perhaps those who are unemployed might like to see a new factory spring up. When did job creation become environmentally hazardous? Oh and by the way, that original list of “50 Signs You Might Be in the Tea Party” actually listed only 40. The point is only that it would seem that tolerance and just plain common sense seem to be lacking in a party that would spread such demeaning and amateurish literature. Clearly, the readily conformist local Democratic Party and the scandal-ridden state party desire only to reflect the radicalization of the national Democratic establishment. It is obvious, however, that they do not reflect or represent the views of most North Carolina or Caldwell citizens (or even a good many local registered Democrats).

In conclusion, God-fearing, gun-owning and free-market-promoting conservatives at the Republican Party booth handed out copies of the U.S. Constitution, in contrast to the Democratic charade. Thus, I have only one real, final question: Does the Democratic Party really believe it can appeal to common-sense, independent-minded voters with the kind of offensive and nonsensical propaganda it has been publicly presenting and representing? Based on the evidence lately, the case can easily be made that the Democratic Party is becoming far from appealing. In fact, liberal Democratic actions are often increasingly appalling.

Clay McCreary