Letter: A letter to a thief

Sep. 08, 2013 @ 01:33 AM

To the editor:

This letter is directed to the person(s) who on Sunday, Sept. 1, broke into my daughter's vehicles at residence in Sawmills.

I hope you don't claim to a Christian or go to church on Sunday. I will agree that Christians mess up every once in a while. But they do try to live right and do right by others. I don't think breaking into other people's vehicles qualifies. Nor stealing their personal property. But maybe you should join a church.

As for her personal property, as one human being to another, if you a decent bone in your body, could/would you please return her class ring? And her other personal belongings? The money you took, since you thought you needed it more than my daughter did, would be appreciated too. My daughter works hard and honestly for her money, unlike you. But I'm sure you have already spent it on something useless, like drugs.

I am asking again as nicely as I can, return her personal belongings as well as her class ring, if it's the only honest thing you do in your life.

Laura Rutledge