Editorial: Well, they're not all hippies ...

Jun. 13, 2013 @ 01:41 AM

State Sen. Thom Goolsby, a Republican from Wilmington, must feel a little bit like Mitt Romney.

Goolsby has been taking some flak for an opinion column he wrote in which he referred to the “Moral Mondays” protests, in which people opposed to the Republican majority’s legislative agenda have tried to disrupt business at the General Assembly, as “Moron Mondays” and to the protesters as loonies and “aged hippies” and compared them a circus act.

An editorial on Tuesday in the StarNews, Goolsby’s hometown newspaper, said: “So that's how little Sen. Thom Goolsby thinks of his constituents. Or maybe he doesn't consider the part of the state population that opposes the General Assembly's legislative agenda to be constituents.”

The reaction has been similar to what was heard after Romney’s “47 percent” remark last year.

But we’ll cut Goolsby some slack. From what we’ve seen of the protests on TV, there are at least a few loonies and aged hippies in the crowd. Heck, the police even arrested an ID-wearing Charlotte Observer reporter in this week’s protest. When you can’t tell the protesters from the reporters, that’s one scruffy group of protesters.