Editorial: A bipartisan effort at exclusion

Aug. 17, 2013 @ 01:37 AM

Tom Campbell, the executive producer and moderator of the “NC SPIN” show on North Carolina politics, points out one area of election law in which both Republicans and Democrats seem to be in agreement: making it nearly impossible for third parties and independent candidates to get on the ballot.

The last effort to ease North Carolina’s rules, the third-most restrictive in the nation, was in 2005, when the Democrats running the General Assembly blocked it.

Easier ballot access was not among the election reforms embraced by Republicans this year. Campbell writes at ncspin.com:

“The official spin is that nobody wants to encourage a ‘proliferation of frivolous third parties.’

“We could handle some ‘frivolous’ right now. Who knows? I’ve recently heard a lot about competition being a good thing … maybe it might be good in elections, too.”