A lost championship

Nov. 21, 2013 @ 03:16 PM

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) lists every state championship team in every sport dating back to the year 1913. However, there is one championship that has been lost for the last 55 years.

Much of Caldwell County remembers the 1956 Granite Falls High School state championship football team. The team many people forget about, including the NCHSAA, is the 1958 Gamewell High School 8-man state championship football team.

The NCHSAA currently lists all state champions, including 6-man and 8-man teams, so it is curious as to why Gamewell is not listed. In 1958, L.J. Perry was the Executive Director of the NCHSAA, and prior to the season, Perry said if the league generated enough interest then they would hold playoffs to determine a state champion. The playoffs were held and Gamewell defeated Alexander 33-19 in the state championship game. However, the NCHSAA still did not list it.

The current members of the NCHSAA board were not members back in 1958. The current members have not commented as to why Gamewell is not listed as a state championship team.

The 1958 state championship team posted a perfect record of 10-0, including the championship win over Alexander.The quarterback at the time was Darius Anderson. Anderson recalled the first offensive play of the championship game.

“The first play, the coach (Bill Link) split me out wide,” Anderson said. “The backup quarterback was Herald Huffman and he had a better arm than me. I went deep and Herald threw one up to me and it just barely floated past my finger tips.”

Another player on the 1958 team was Danny Kincaid. Kincaid recalled a moment from a 40-0 victory over Scotts.

“On the next to last play of the game, I was running down the field and the defensive player forarmed me in the face and broke my nose,” he said. “After that play, I became the only player on the team to wear a full face mask.”

The 1958 state championship team has been lost in history over the years. Gamewell should be recognized for its special season and the NCHSAA should list the state championship team along with all the others.