Granite Falls hit by fruity graffiti

Jul. 24, 2014 @ 09:16 AM

They are easily seen as you drive along Main Street in Granite Falls. Three neon-pink-and-yellow peaches, about 3 feet in diameter, have been spray-painted on the walls of businesses. Police do not know who is responsible.

One peach faces South Main Street on the white stucco side wall of River Valley Pets, 40 Pack Square.

"I was coming to work last Tuesday morning when I saw it," store owner Helen White said. "I was hoping it was just done in chalk, but it was a neon paint peach.

"I'm just glad it was not gang graffiti. At least it's a decent-looking peach."

White reported the graffiti to police July 15. Later that morning James Smith, owner of Flowers for Less at 53 North Main St., reported what appeared to be a peach on the side of a building next to his shop.

A third peach is on a building next to Minton's Automotive at 112 S. Main St.

Chief Ritch Bolick says the investigation is not closed but declined to comment further.

Linda Powell, owner of Linda's Family Hair Salon on Pack Square, said she and her staff spent Wednesday morning debating the merits of the paintings.

"We've all noticed it," Powell said. "I never thought we'd see graffiti in Granite Falls. It's sad. I'm just glad it's not gang-related.

"But they need to practice more on their craft. We weren't sure if it was a peach or a cherry. At this point, we're calling it a peach."