Clean-up day

N.C. 90 opened, bridges now passable
May. 08, 2013 @ 08:10 AM

Work crews took advantage of a dry Tuesday to clean up from the floods that hit the region late Sunday and Monday.

Bridge restoration was part of the effort along the Old Johns River Road in the northwestern corner of the county. The nine bridges crossing Old Johns River were covered in water Monday, isolating folks unable to access N.C. 90 from Old Johns River Road, according to Kenny Heavner, N.C. Department of Transportation county maintenance engineer. After the waters began to recede Tuesday, workers noticed washed-out areas along the bridge approaches and added gravel on to the road surfaces to make the bridges accessible.

Work to shore up on N.C. 90 just north of Collettsville, where the earth had washed out underneath part of the road, was completed about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, but it is not finished. The section of road has been filled with gravel, which will remain in place for a few days, and Heavner hopes to have it paved by next week.

“We’re making good progress,” he said.

Barricades in washed-out areas along Playmore Beach Road, Indian Grave Road, Riverside Drive, Wilson Creek Road and Valley View Circle were removed. Bridge maintenance workers spent Tuesday removing mud from the roadway, as well as limbs, loose wood and debris. Two small landslides were discovered along Valley View Circle and Stone Mountain Road, which also needed to be cleaned up, Heavner said.

In a 72-hour period beginning Saturday morning, as much as 5.1 inches of rain had fallen in the western portion of the county, and up to 3.1 inches in the eastern half, according to the National Weather Service. Lenoir received 3.65 inches in the same period.