Flying pizza at CCC&TI

Aug. 11, 2014 @ 01:30 PM

Anslie Norris, 9, slid a knife across the measuring cup of flour to make sure her measurements were perfect. Her fellow baker, McKenna Lowe, 10, poured water into cup. From the water and the different jars of ingredients before them, by the end of the day they hoped to have a pizza to devour.

On Friday, the two girls finished up their last day at the week-long Pizza! Pizza! Camp, part of Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute’s Extreme Super Summer Camp program, which taught them how to make calzones, dessert pizza, cheesy breadsticks, chocolate pizza and more.

Chef Ray Kirby, an instructor for CCC&TI’s culinary arts program, taught the class how to properly measure ingredients, use the stove, cut a pizza and even how to flip it in the air. When he announced they would flip the dough, some of the students seemed unsure of how that would work. Kirby said it might fall on their heads.

“How do you get it off?” Anslie asked.

The children gushed about their love for the camp. McKenna raised her eyebrows and grinned mischievously when talking about all the food they tasted. She said that clean-up time involved eating the ingredients from the bowls, including marshmallows and chocolate chips for the s’mores pizza.

“It’s super fun, and we get to do basically everything,” McKenna said. “Also, it’s fun to cut up the pizza dough and finally get to use the stove. I’ve been doing this for three years now because it’s so awesome.”

At the end of camp, each student was given their own pizza cutter, a simple gift that went a long way.

“My mom doesn’t trust me with the stove or sharp objects,” Anslie said. “Finally, I get to use both of those.”