Campers perform 'just right'

Aug. 15, 2014 @ 09:06 AM

Chloe Triplett, 8, skipped across the theater stage to a table set with three white bowls. Following Christopher Marsh’s narration, Chloe pantomimed eating porridge out of the bowls. Then, she tried to sit in each of three chairs before trying out three beds and declaring the smallest one “just right.”

She settled down for a peaceful sleep -- until Molly Marsh, 17, Anslie Norris, 9, and Keira Reid, 7, stomped onto the stage and found their porridge eaten, their chairs messed and a golden-haired girl in the smallest bed. Growling and bearing their teeth, they chased Chloe out of their house for good.

Chloe and her fellow actors put on the play “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” as their final project at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute's Extreme Super Summer Camp Acting Academy, where the campers learned different acting techniques, how to put on stage make-up and how to design set pieces.

Chya Hagerman, 10, played a bunny that bounced across the stage along with Anslie, who was filling in for Cameron Jones as Mama Bear. Chya said she loved acting because of the atmosphere.

“(I like) being able to have expression, just being around other people who have humor,” Chya said over the laughter filling the room.

Chya put a bowl on her head and ran around with a spoon in hand, pretending to be a police officer, and stopped Christopher, 14, in the middle of a "crime."

Anslie said the possibilities were her favorite part of acting.

“It’s really fun,” Anslie said. “We get to be a character and you get to be like you’re that person.”

Acting instructor Rebecca Baker encouraged the students to expand their horizons and tap into their creative juices.

“They’ve done a really good job in a short time,” Baker said. “I love it when they get carried away and get into it, because that’s what acting’s about.”

Anslie believes that she will be famous one day.

“When people ask for my autograph, I’m going to sign ‘The Bunny,’” she said.