Soccer is a very popular sport in the entire world. Console and PC soccer games are bought every year and enthusiasts just gobble them up, maybe even more than the Interwetten. The mobile market also has its own soccer champions. Companies recognized that the mobile market would bring in a lot money, sometimes, more than the consoles and the PC market, and hurried to produce their own mobile franchises.

These are the best mobile soccer video games, which work on both tablets and phones.

FIFA Mobile

Just like on the consoles and the personal computers, FIFA still remains a great title on the mobile devices. Available on both the Android and iOS systems, FIFA Mobile has a different feel to it than its larger sibling.

Unlike the full-size desktop game, the mobile game has you going through various challenges, not full-length matches. Some may think that this is not a real soccer game, then, but when you look at the details, it is hard to frown at what you get.

Not only are the challenges interesting, but the game also has quite a social feature, from developing teams and bonds, to competing with your friends online. A competitive experience full of challenges, while lacking full-length matches, is still a great soccer game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Always the competitor, PES 2019 follows the same trend as FIFA Mobile with its for-life purchase. Both games need to be purchased only once and you become eligible for every year’s update.

Compared to FIFA Mobile, PES 2019 is a complete game, with full-length matches. The 3D gameplay is there, the multiplayer, online features are also present and while the game might be lacking in licensed players and clubs, David Beckham and a couple of other superstars have that front covered. This game is also available on both the Android and iOS devices.

Football Manager Touch

Football Manager on your phones. Can it get any better? It probably can, but who can complain when you get a 3D engine which plays out games and when you have so many stats that even the hardcore manager lovers will be satisfied.

The graphics might be lacking, but that is only compared to the game’s desktop counterpart. The most interesting thing about the game is that you can transfer your save from the PC version to the mobile game and continue where you left off.

Tiki Taka Soccer

Everyone who played Sensible Soccer will love this game. A top-down view and simple-looking mechanics, everything a game needs. Until you start playing, that is, and realize that those simple mechanics are not that simple and that you actually need to put in the work to master the game.

If you want to play soccer on your mobile devices, know that these games offer the best experience compared to their price. They also cover multiple styles of play. Whether you want challenges, full games, management or a very old school experience, you are covered. All the games are playable on both the Android and iOS devices.

Best Mobile Soccer Video Games