Jobs can be rather specific. Working in the semiconductor industry, for example, has some very detailed requirements, depending on the position you apply for. But even in highly specialized job positions, one still must need some rather general business skills, without which keeping a job is almost impossible.

Here are the skills you need to land and keep any job.


No matter how good you are at doing your specific job, you will need to be able to communicate with your peers, coworkers and superiors. Whether you are washing windows on a skyscraper or if you are working in a team of developers, communication is an essential skill to have. Communication implies the clear and concise transfer of information between you and everybody else around you. It also included non-verbal communication, meaning your postures, gestures and in general, body language. Mastering communication is definitely going to help you in the long run.


This skill is required for every single job, except the lonely ones, yet even then, you will likely be tested. Teamwork is essential for any job where you are required to work with others. Communicating with your coworkers and working with them to achieve new goals and to solve problems is essential. Practice this skill whenever possible, by going out and socializing or talking to people at your current job.


This might look like a contrast to teamwork, but it is quite the opposite. Being self-sufficient is important for good teamwork. Every person should be able to take care of their own work without someone constantly hanging over them, correcting them and babying them through every step of the way. Being self-sufficient is great for your job, and also great for your overall self-confidence and life, in general.

Learning and Adapting

No matter how rigid your job might be, there certainly are always new ways of doing it, some more optimal than others. You need to keep learning and improving, otherwise you will soon lose your worth to any company. When situations force you to adapt, you should be able to, as you never know what kind of challenge might lie behind the corner.

Problem Solving

You might hear this being thrown around a lot and for a good reason. Once you are in a situation where a problem pops up out of the blue, your ability to solve it will determine how good you are at doing your job. You might argue that dealing with problems is not in your job description, but when one pops up, you either solve it or you quit, or get fired. Life is similar in that regard, so problem solving is a skill which should be practiced and mastered as early as possible.

Taking the Lead

Even though you are employed and you usually get your tasks by someone superior, that does not mean you should just keep doing your job and nothing else. Constantly improving and working on yourself can lead to you showing more initiative and solving the tasks much quicker. Your bosses will certainly notice your engagement and interest in your job, which goes beyond your normal, daily tasks.

These are the skills you need for any job, regardless of what it is. Work on them and you should have no problems landing and advancing in any job position.

Business Skills Needed for Any Job