It is a fact, that people spend a lot of time looking at their screens, whether their phones, TVs or personal computers. The time spent before a screen varies from person to person. Some people binge-watch TV shows and spend entire days in front of a screen, sleeping very little, while others occasionally gamble using the Betsafe bonus code, while waiting for their trip to work to end. Some prefer to play lots of video games, endlessly grinding through the night to reach a certain rank, while others simply bet on their favorite teams.

The effects of us spending a lot of time near technology can be positive and negative, but many think that the times before using technology were better and that people were more communicative. Does technology make us lonelier, then?

Technology Abuse Versus Moderate Consumption

As with anything else in life, if you overdo it, it can become detrimental to your health. Too much water, too much honey, too much sleeping, all of these can hurt you. If you spend far too much time with your phones, computers and near a screen, especially when connected to the internet, you can forget how to talk and interact with the people around you. It will become difficult to relay information to the person sitting next to you, at least verbally and non-verbally. Emoticons and GIFs do not count, neither to instant-messaging services or selfies.

You can become quite lonely if you become dependent on technology. But, technology is not to blame here. People at all ages can become addicted to technology, from children to those well into their 70s.

Moderate usage is advisable, just like with anything else and technology can never become your enemy.

Documenting Everything Versus Being Present

People love taking photographs and posting them on social media. This can get problematic as everything then becomes a stage, where you play the role of yourself, taking photos of a perfect moment, preparing for that moment, often acting it out. That can tire you out, even if you are not aware of it.

Dropping your phones and camera and just breathing in the air around you, feeling the touch of your loved one and tasting the meal instead of photoing it, can be a lot more meaningful.

Using Technology Rather Than Letting it Use You

In the most literal sense, technology cannot really use you, but if you give in and just scroll endlessly through sites, applications and photos, you will probably feel lonely in due time. If you use that technology to talk to a friend who you haven’t seen in years or enjoy long-forgotten music, then you will have no problems.

Technology allows us to tackle some goals that were otherwise unreachable, but the abuse of technology can be as dangerous as substance abuse.

Does Technology Make Us Lonelier?