Artificial intelligence has been talked about for a long time and while we are still far away from the Terminator days where sentient AIs take over the world, the AIs of today are nothing to laugh at. They are constantly evolving and changing our world.

AIs are present everywhere, from cars to casinos – so many people nowadays love to bet online or play casino games using Unibet Promo Code 2021, and they don’t evenknow that AI is a big part of why they enjoy that experience so much. They prevent accidents from happening and help spot problem gamblers. Artificial intelligence has an impact on virtual reality, as well, as it helped fuel some projects like virtual reality casinos, where you can gamble against an AI dealer.

Artificial intelligence is also changing video games, and here is how.

Video Games as a Testing Ground

More often than not, video games are used as a testing ground for artificial intelligence. They are the best possible place as they often offer somewhat realistic interpretations of our world, thus some things can be replicated almost flawlessly. Many games have AIs which do various things, from strategy games where they produce more or less units, based on the resources and go from elderly citizen playstyle to korean esports professional in two clicks, to MOBAs where they are stuck in elo hell, until they start roaming around the map, winning the game single-handedly. AIs are constantly tested in games, which makes them invaluable.

AI vs Human – Shooters and More

Depending on the game you are playing, AIs can become very, very problematic. In shooters, they can listen for the players’ footsteps, hide when they are aimed upon, not even fired upon and always target your weak spots.

In strategies, they will always find a weakness in your defences and tactically destroy you. In racing games, depending on the difficulty, they will either drive like a newbie who just got their license, or a professional hyped up on the Fast and the Furious movies.

Slowly but surely, AIs are getting more advanced and harder to beat in video games. Long past are the days where raising the difficulty would just boost the AIs stats.

It Improves Both the Players and Itself

The first versions of AI were not really AI but mere scripts being executed. Today, the AIs in games can learn, by being fed large amounts of data. They can improve and be taught new ways of dealing with a situation, just by players playing the game.

Many AIs today are not being built with the idea of beating the player, but rather with the idea of learning, improving, both itself and the player’s experience. If you just raise the stats, it is no longer a challenge if one stray bullet or sword slash can rip you apart. The same goes for strategy games and unlimited resources and faster building times.

With the AI improving, it can seem more natural to the player, and the AI can develop its own player personality. All of this depends on the amount of data the AI is being fed and the type of AI.

From virtual reality games and casinos which light up, a dealer with a smile waiting for you, to opponents which play like humans, the development of artificial intelligence has its impacts on the gaming world. Video games are getting much more advanced, but so are the AIs, as it is a symbiotic relationship.

Artificial Intelligence in the Gaming Industry – AI is Changing Gaming