Nowadays, one of the most useful skills you can develop is the ability to differentiate between correct and false information at hand, because of the fact that there are many news sources easily accessible. This ability enables you to keep up to date with current events and be informed about various topics in both formal or informal situations. Having proper information is a key to success and we’ve selected some of the leading apps on the market that can help you achieve that more efficiently.


Flipboard is an excellent news app that helps you stay informed about the topics you are passionate about, and based on those topics the app creates a Smart Magazine for you to enjoy. It is well-organized and perfect for those who don’t like being flooded with information and headlines they have no interest in. Flipboard is an award-winning app that enables you to flip through various articles on your device of choice. The great thing is that it is completely free and available for both Android and iOS users.

The New York Times

Great news for all fans of The New York Times is that the newspaper is now available in the form of an app. The New York Times has long been regarded as an example of what a quality newspaper should be like and how it should deliver information. It is a trustworthy source of information among so many news sources that are known to spread disinformation for the sake of shock value. The New York Times app makes its users get addicted to staying well-informed.

Smart News

Another award-winning app Smart News delivers top-trending news stories that are currently influencing the world in a matter seconds. The app gathers stories from many different news sources and lets you choose those that you are interested in. There is a variety of topics to choose from and it is easy to navigate the articles. Smart News is free of charge and available for both Android and iOS.

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

Pocket is one the leading apps when it comes to staying informed. This app allows you to save articles from any news source you might like. Furthermore, the layout of the app makes your reading experience quite enjoyable and relaxing as it enables you to focus on the information that you are interested in while minimizing visual clutter. It comes with a dark and sepia version which makes reading at night more comfortable. Another great feature is that this app lets you listen to the articles as well. It is available for both Android and iOS.


Inkl is an add-free news source app and it is managed by editors who make it sure that you get the most important information from all around the world without using computer algorithms. This app also provides different outlooks on the stories, which helps you form your own opinions about the stories and decreases the chances of bias.

Top apps that help you stay up to date with current events