The Year of 2019 is a year to anticipate in sports. There are many sports events that will occur in this year, from Cricket World Cup to Athletic World Championships. Sports fans all over the world will have various sports to enjoy this 2019. If you still do not know which sports events will occur this year, in the following paragraphs we will present the most interesting sports events you should not miss in 2019.

Cricket World Cup

From May 30th till July 14th, 2019 Cricket World Cup will occur in Great Britain. This is the fifth time Great  Britain will host the World Cup. It will be held in Wales and England. Ten teams will participate in the competition. The first eight teams have earned their place in the competition automatically, while the last two spots were reserved by the winning teams of 2018 Cricket World Cup. This will be a great sports event worth watching.

Netball World Cup

Every four years a Netball World Cup competition occurs. In 2019, it will be held from 12th to 21st July in Liverpool, in Great Britain. There will be sixteen teams which will compete in the tournament. Five teams have earned their place in the competition automatically due to their ranking in the INF World Rankings. England also qualified automatically as the host nation. Ten remaining teams earned their place in the competition as a result of their victories in regional tournaments.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Formerly known as the Women’s World Championship, 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be the eight Women’s World Cup. The host of the tournament will be France, and the competition will be held from June 7th till July 7th. Seventeen teams will participate in the World Cup and try to win. This is a world cup for everybody to enjoy. The national teams will compete all over France, and fans will fill the 9 biggest French stadiums.

Rugby World Cup

From September 20th till November 2nd, Japan will host the ninth Rugby World Cup. 2019 Rugby World Cup is special in many aspects. Firstly, it is the first Rugby World Cup to be held in Asia outside the traditional heartland of Rugby. Additionally, 2019 Rugby World Cup is the first to be held on the same part of the world, the same hemisphere as the previous World Cup. Japan qualified automatically as the host along with the top three teams in four pools. Those who love rugby will enjoy this tournament a lot!

World Championships in Athletics

Athletic fans will visit Doha in order to watch the seventeenth World Championships in Athletics. Among the three countries which applied for hosts, Qatar was chosen to host 2019 World Championships in Athletics. The competition will be held at Khalifa International Stadium which was recently renovated. The sponsors of national teams will appear on the kit the athletes compete in. This is something refreshing for the sponsors since they were not allowed to appear until 2019. If you are an athletics fan and if you want to visit Qatar, this is a great chance for you!

Sports Events You Should Watch in 2019